Buttercup Days Boutique

Regular readers of this blog will know that I love to make things. These 'things' are usually made for my children in some form or another. People often say to me 'ooh, you ought to sell those'. It's a lovely idea but with all my other commitments it would be quite ambitious to have a craft business on the side, especially as making products by hand is so very time consuming.  But then I thought I don't need to make big quantities of product; I can make as much or as little as I like. So with this in mind, I've decided to make a few extra batches of various products and sell them direct to any willing customers. Once gone I may replenish or I might sell something new; whatever my latest handmade success might be. Be sure to visit the Buttercup Days Boutique page on the blog regularly to see what gems I am currently selling.

So to launch my Buttercup Days Boutique, I have some homemade cake bunting on offer.

Buttercup Days Cake Bunting is handmade using a selection of vintage and upcycled fabrics. Cake Bunting is a fast and easy way to transform a favourite homemade or shop bought cake into a sensational centrepiece fit for any of lives special occasions.

Buttercup Days Cake Bunting is supplied fully assembled. Simply detach the bunting carefully from the card and insert the skewers into your cake at a slight angle. Adjust the flags to make sure they are all hanging downwards. For a finishing touch tie the enclosed ribbon lengths into bows, trimming off any surplus length and arrange as desired. Now your cake is ready to take centre stage. After use, carefully remove the bunting and wipe off any icing and cake crumbs with a soft damp cloth. It can then be stored away to be used again.

Cake bunting is made to order at £10 per pack,. I am currently offering free P+P to the UK. I have a variety of colour combinations available, so let me know if you have any requirements and I shall do my best to meet them for you.
If you are interested in placing an order or would like any more info please email l.gorrod@btinternet.com