The Power of Flowers

15 July 2011

I love flowers. They are a bit of a vice of mine. I wouldn't like to add up how much I spend on flowers a year. Don't get me wrong, I don't have Elton John style habit. I don't have cascading floral blooms billowing from vases strewn throughout my home, but more often than not there will be a vase of flowers in my living room. Usually just something seasonal and simple; tulips in the spring, peonies or stocks in the summer. They instantly brighten a room creating a happy welcoming space.

Every now and then I will pick up some flowers from my local florist, Viva Verde in Hove. It's the most gorgeous shop. It's crammed with beautiful bits and pieces that compliment the ever-impressive selection of overblown blooms for sale. Antique pieces of garden furniture sit alongside vintage teacups, plant pots, interesting vases and various curios. The owner Lynnette has given her shop a very personal style which makes it stand apart from your average florist. Miles apart in fact.

But it's not all about looks. Lynnette and her staff are generous with their knowledge, happy to advise on flowers that they sell. I often go there to buy flowers to decorate my cakes and their advice on 'long lasting' and 'good traveling flowers' is always much appreciated. 

But what I love the most about my local florist is that every time I go in my eyes are greeted with a floral rainbow of blooms quite different to what was there on my last visit. Nearly every time I visit, there will be some extraordinary bloom to tempt me. Whether a bunch or a few stems, I can take some blooms home to live in my living room and make that makes me happy.


  1. fabulous post with gorgeous pictures!!!!!
    awesome blog...found you on "a cup of Jo"...glad I did ;)

  2. Hi Lila, thanks for your comment. It's lovely to get feedback. I'm fairly new to blogging and at times wonder if it is read by more than 6 people! Welcome to Buttercup Days - it's great to have your company. x