Not Long Now ...

21 December 2011

Just four more sleeps to go ... and I think I'm almost ready.

I've already started on the mince pies; I've purchased a bottle of sherry; the presents have been bought, though not yet wrapped and a few homemade presents are 'nearly done'. 

I've sorted the menus for the days I'm 'entertaining at home'. Seasonal goodies and treats have been made over the last few days and now sit happily in the freezer. I love nothing more than a bit of festive baking whilst listening to sentimental Christmas tunes on the radio.

The tree is decorated. It looks lovely. It's embellished with baubles; a combination of family heirlooms and Lily and Arthur's collections that I add to each year. It's not the coordinated style I used to go for, but a beautiful 'real' look that I like all the more.

I love this time of year; the run up to Christmas. It's full of excitement (both mine and the children's) It's a time sprinkled with lots of nostalgia. The Danish have a word 'Hygge'. It doesn't translate easily into English but is used to describe a state of comfort, peace and warmth while in the company of loved ones. It's about creating a cosy atmosphere by lighting a few candles and enjoying good food and something to drink. To me, Hygge is now ... these magical few days before the big one.

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