9 May 2012


What is it with all this rain? There seems to be no end in sight to it. But the fact is it can't go on for much longer can it? It will be June in a few weeks. In no time at all we'll be basking in the sun and all this rain will be a distant memory. 

I've been reading a fantastic new cook book this week, Bill's The Cookbook: Cook Eat Smile. The recipes are mouth-watering, but the writing to accompany them is like poetry. This is one of the best and a reminder of how the weather ought to be right now.

"So, we're done with Easter, then ....
The children have gone back to school and there are days when you step outside and can just tell - from the birds, from the heat of the sun and the light, from the new colours and a scent of something in the air, that we're off to pastures new and it won't be long until we tip, happily, in to summer"

Bill Collison, Bills Produce Store & Cafe, Brighton.

P.S. Thanks for all the wonderful Facebook and Twitter comments on my last post. It certainly hit a nerve with many mothers out there. x

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