Educating Lily

25 October 2012


In my eyes my daughter is a lucky girl: her middle name is Biba. It isn't a middle name that she is at all comfortable with at seven. Her middle name isn't something she tells her friends at school. She prefers to blend in, rather than stand out. Lucky for her it didn't become her first name - left to me alone it probably would have done. I not worried though, I'm pretty confident it will grow on her and over time she will come to love it and what it stands for.

So today, I took her to Brighton Museum to introduce her to her name sake. Biba and Beyond is an exhibition currently showing at the museum. Three interconnecting rooms do well capturing the essence of Biba. With loans from major collectors and private individuals the exhibition tells the amazing story through illustrations, film, fashion, music, photography, ephemera and the memories and reminiscences of those who shared the experience. I could spend hours in there, really I could. 

Lily, on the other hand took it all in her stride. She liked it and really liked some of the dresses. At her tender age she is too young to totally get it, but on the comments board at the exit, she wrote without any prompting from me 'I ♥ Biba - it's my middle name'. 

Needless to say it made me smile.

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