Two Years Later ...

19 February 2013

... I am still here writing this blog. Yes, It is hard to believe, but it was two years ago today that I typed my very first post for Buttercupdays. You can read it here. I never for a moment thought I'd still be writing: still having things to say. A quick count tells me that this is my 167th post, and that Buttercup days has had over 14000 hits in its short life span. To some that may sound a lot, but believe me it isn't. It what some might call a niche blog.

But, for me Buttercup days was never started as a 'business', like many blogs are. In fact it was the very opposite. When I started it I was at home full-time with a one and five-year-old. It was a creative output: a space to fill with thoughts. There have been times when I've considered stopping due to the lack of time, but the longer you do something the harder it is to just stop. So for now, it goes on. 

Going forward, I strive to write more regular posts, plus I've also toyed with the idea of broadening the content, ever so slightly, sharing things that I see that inspire me; design, interiors, my own home projects and crafts. I hope to keep the content varied, unique and honest.

So to all those, who pop by and read my musings: thank you. I hope that you keep coming back. X

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