22 April 2014

April is Milan month for us. We David goes out there for work: the spectacular Milan Furniture Fair - a must for anyone in our industry. It's like 'Fashion Week' for furniture and it sprawls the city with design districts here, there and everywhere to explore. 

However when we do Milan, we do it en famille, so I see very little of the design as I have the kids to amuse. I bribe them with Gelato in order to take in a couple of design shows, but really I have to except that kids and work don't really mix. So David does his things for a few days and nights and we do ours. Then we have 24 or 48hrs together before we head home.

It works though. I miss out on the champagne parties that David goes to in the evenings, but then he has very tired feet and is pretty much furnitured-out by the end of it all.

We are so extremely lucky to have friends living in the city at the moment so get to stay in their beautiful Milanese apartment which is as central as you can get. The sun came out in Milan. It felt like early summer. 

We did Sempione Park and Giardini Pubblici; the Design Museum and the Natural History Museum; we rode the metro and the tram; we shopped at the local supermarket, became familiar faces at the local patisserie and purused the food market on our doorstep on the Saturday morning; we ate deli salads in the park, olives, italian cheese, stuffed courgette flowers, orecchiette con broccoli and had the best ever Tiramisu at Refettorio Simplicitas

Despite being in the middle of a busy city, it was an incredibly relaxing time: a chance to step away from the day-to-day stuff and just be with the kids with the whole day stretched before us and all that different flavoured gelato to work our way through. Heaven.

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