Party Time - Part Four: The Bags

31 March 2011

It's onwards and upwards with the 'party posts'. The subject of this post is the all-important party bag. Now, I'm unaware of when the party bag thing became an essential part of a children's party - sometime between being a child myself and becoming a mother who throws birthday parties for her children I guess. In my day you would take home a slice of birthday cake wrapped in a piece of kitchen roll and, if you were lucky, perhaps a balloon. 

Well Lily assures me that party bags are the pinnacle of all good parties and every child loves to receive a bundle of booty to take home with them. I've been witness to many types of party bag over the last few years. It seems that the likes of Disney Princess, Hello Kitty, Spiderman and Thomas the Tank Engine have the monopoly on the party bag, which seems wrong to say the least. Also they are incredibly 
un-eco and throw-away. So if Lily wants party bags she has them my way; unique, simple, handmade and hopefully longer-lasting.

The bags themselves I make from fabric. They are really quick to run up on the sowing machine. They are fasten with ribbons that I finished off with some spare pom poms that I had left over from the fabric party hats. The contents were kept simple as the children also took home their fabric party hats and a tissue paper pom. Inside each bag was a Chocolate Bar, a Tunnocks Teacake (just love the wrapper), Bubbles, Seeds (Giant Cinderella Pumpkins), Coloured Pencils and a printed poem (The End by A. A. Milne from Now We Are Six). To make the contents that little bit special I replaced all the wrappers (other than the Tunnock Teacake of course!) with my own wrapper designs that fitted my theme of 'bright patterned retro prints'. Some may say it's a step too far, but I found it a rather nice way to round things off. 

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