A Sick Note ...

6 March 2011

It's been a week of high's and low's. It started with a high - my birthday, as documented in my last post, but the next day I came down with a sickness bug and only now am I starting to feel 'normal' again.

I'm very rarely sick. I possess a great ability of avoiding the kids coughs and colds that they bring home from school and playgroup along with their finger paintings and homework and I can steer myself clear of sore throats that David might catch on a commuter train to London. It's probably something in my make-up, I wasn't a sick child either. But every now and then, as with this week, I will buckle-under to something. 

My bug entered my life very suddenly and was quite intense for twenty-four hours which meant having to stay in bed. Oh well, such is life, sounds simple enough .... but the problem is I can't phone in sick to work and neither can David. There's a one year-old to entertain and feed, a five year-old to get to and from school and have supper ready for and a business to run. David managed to reschedule some important meeting for the next day and juggled a bit of work with the kids at home. I had the pressure of less that twenty-four hours to make a recovery. I did it - just. David made his meetings the next day and they all went well. I even managed to take Lily to her school disco on Friday evening. She's been on a promise that I would take her for weeks and we had bought tickets and selected outfits ... there was no way I could of let her down. Being a full-time mum in a self-employed household does not allow for adult illness - I dread to think what we would do if either of us got ill for any length of time.

So today will be spent catching up on the delayed 'to-do-list' and hopefully we'll be up-to-speed for tomorrow and the new week ahead. Onwards and upwards!

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