Inside the mind of a six year old ...

3 May 2011

Sometimes Lily comes out with the most interesting thoughts, ideas and statements that are brimming with innocence and I love them.

Over the weekend David took her into Brighton to see the new Winnie the Pooh film at the cinema. Whilst in town David decided to browse around a few shops. In one particular shop he saw a jacket that he really liked. He tried it on. It was a good fit. He looked at the price tag and popped it back on the hanger. The conversation then went as so ...

Lily: Don't you like it Daddy? 

David: Oh, I really like it, but it's a lot of money for a jacket, so I won't buy it.

Lily: That's a shame, you really like it.

Then after a short pause ...
Lily: I know what you should do Daddy. You should take a photograph of it on your phone. When I see things that I really like, I take a picture of it with my camera. I can then look at it whenever I like!

Priceless eh?

During their morning out both Lily and David began to notice an ever-growing number of police filling the streets. It was the May Bank Holiday weekend and there was obviously concern that there may be some May Day Riot activity hitting our city. Lily asked questions and David gave an as-simple-as-it-can-be explanation of the May Day Riots that a six year might be able to loosely grasp.

Back home that afternoon, we were sitting in our courtyard enjoying a bit of sunshine. 

Lily: Arthur? Do you want to play a new game?

Arthur: Yeah

Lily: It's called 'Police & Protesters'. I'm the policeman and you are the protester and I have to catch you and put you in jail.

It wasn't quite 'Mummies & Daddies'. One minute into the game Arthur did play a very convincing protester, not wanting to be put into the playhouse (jail). 

Seeing Arthur didn't share her enthusiasm for her new game she went back to her hula-hooping.

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