A Big Day For A Little Girl.

12 September 2011

You may recall a post I did back in March about David's niece getting engaged. I made the engagement cake; naturally. Well, the big day is now less than six weeks away. The excitement is building. Like me, Lily loves a good wedding: all the pretty dresses, flowers and the 'magic of the day' are completely her 'cup of tea'.

Well, for some months now I've had to keep a little secret from her. Her cousin Lucy wanted to have Lily as one of her bridesmaids. Lily knows a lot about bridesmaids: she drank in the royal wedding  fever earlier this year and she owns a much thumbed sparkly book that's all about being a bridesmaid. I think she sees 'the bridesmaid' as the not so distance cousin of 'the princess' or 'the fairy'.

So, yesterday cousin Lucy paid Lily a visit and asked if she would do her the honour of being one of her bridesmaids. Lily was lost for words, which I can tell you is rare. Then, with Lily still trying to process what was happening, Lucy produced the most beautiful bridesmaid dress for Lily to try on.  Needless to say she looked gorgeous in it. 

Unknown to Lily, Lucy had arranged for us to meet up with the two other young bridesmaid's and their mum to shop for the 'finishing touches', so without drawing breath we headed out to the shops. Just a couple of hours later Lily had a pretty cardigan, sparkly hair slides and tights to complete her 'best outfit ever'. Last night she went to bed very happy. 

What a day it had been for a six-year-old who has always wanted to be a bridesmaid. A perfect day.

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