The Weekend

19 September 2011

With David currently working some crazy hours in the run up to this week's London Design Festival and Tent London, our weekend was a chance to normalize for 48 hours, steeping away from the busy weekday routine.

Saturday morning started with a cake order for a birthday party that was happening that afternoon for  the mother of a friend; the results of which you can see below. Then, in the afternoon, we took Lily to a birthday party. It wasn't your average party with a kids entertainer and pass-the-parcel. No, this was a horse riding party. Along with a dozen of her new school friends we went to Three Grey's Riding School. Lily had never ridden a horse before, but despite being a little nervous at the initial prospect she enjoyed every minute of it. After a half-hour lesson they went on a half-hour ride on the South Downs. What an experience; it's certainly a party to remember. Somehow, I don't think my homemade party hats and bags are gonna cut it next year.

Most of Sunday was spent down the allotment. The sky threaten rain all day, but it stayed dry. There was certainly a nip in the air too. There is, as ever, a lot of work to be done on the plot. Summer crops are fading and spent sunflowers are skew-whiff from the recent wind. I cleared some ground and planted out a couple of rows of kale and some spinach. I left feeling that Autumn was lurking just around the corner.

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