Oh You Pretty Things

30 January 2012

Did you see BBC4's 'We'll take Manhattan' last week? It was a one-off drama about the love affair between Brit photographer David Bailey and sixties supermodel Jean Shrimpton. The drama focuses on a wild and unpredictable 1962 Vogue photo shoot in New York. The drama brings to life the story of Bailey and The Shrimp falling in love, misbehaving, and inadvertently defining the style of the Sixties along the way. I'm generally not good at films; I find my mind will start to wander after 30 minutes or so. The only time my mind wandered was when I trying to work out just how The Shrimp got her hair to look so cool and how her eyeliner was applied exactly. The actors who played the leading roles looked uncannily like Bailey and The Shrimp; so very easy on the eye.

Now I want to browse through my vast collection of Vogue Magazines (not to mention go to New York). I've always loved this fashion era. But really, can you image just going by the name 'Bailey' or 'The Shrimp'? How divine is that!

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