A Swiss roll & a new Aunty

9 January 2012

On Friday Lily and Arthur's three great Aunties came to visit for the day. I've covered a previous visit on the blog before in the post Tea, Cakes and Aunties. Together they visit during most school holidays, making the train journey down from where West London meets the suburbs. It's always a joy to see them. We did the usual thing; lots of tea, sandwiches, cake, and a walk along the beach. 

Of these three great-aunties, one is not actually a relative. She is Pat, the best friend of great Aunty Celia. We first met Pat six years ago when she came with Aunty Celia to Lily's first Birthday party. Since then she has accompanied Aunty Celia on every visit and is very much part of Lily and Arthur's lives. So on this visit Lily asked Pat if she would like to be a 'real Aunty' to her and Arthur. The answer was a resounding 'yes', so Lily and Arthur have themselves a 'new Aunty' and Lily for one was delighted by this addition on the Aunty front.


By way of a bit of a side note, I made a Blackberry and Mascarpone Swiss roll. I followed this recipe, just replacing the strawberries with blackberries. I knocked it up in no time and it tasted divine. Note to self: must make the strawberry version in the summer.

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