And The Snow Fell (But Not Down Our Street)

5 February 2012

The weathermen had been warning us that snow was coming our way and it has been bitterly cold enough to expect it. Today was to be the day the country would wake up to snow. So when I woke this morning and drew back the curtains ready to be greeted by a thick white blanket that would cover our street, I was momentarily disappointed. Nothing. 

Well, not to worry; snow has a habit of hanging around and causing nothing but problems anyway. So we decided to head out in the car to do a bit of retail research for our forthcoming building / decorating project. 

Just a few blocks down the road we began to see cars carrying thick snow on their bonnets. Must be snow nearby somewhere then. By the time we had driven just four minutes from our home we saw it. Snow covering the ground. A further four minutes on and the parks and gardens were all white. How on earth had the snow missed our street? We abandoned our trip and drove home to change into suitable snow garments and headed back out to Stanmer Park in Brighton, barely a 15 minute drive from home. There the kids threw snowballs and made a snowman. We had a bit of 'winter' and then drove home to the street with no snow for bread and soup.

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