Flower Power

14 February 2012

Image: House Plant Guru.

OK, even as I type this I know I'm adding unnecessary pressure by making such an early announcement. But hey, with something to prove I'm more likely to succeed right? 

Well here it is. This year I am going to grow cut flowers down the allotment. Loads of them. Beautiful varieties. Vases of blooms will fill my home all summer long and beyond. I'll give bunches to friends and neighbours if I have a 'glut'. Everyone will benefit (except for my local florist - sorry Lynette, but your beautiful shop has probably gone some way to ignite this passion within me).

I've much to learn. A lot. From scratch. But I've a great starting point. I've ordered my 'starter pack' of seeds from Higgledy Garden. Winging their way to me are no less than twenty varieties of seeds:
Amaranthus, Ammi Majus, Bupleureum, Calendula ‘Art Shades’,Carnation ‘Superb', Phlox ‘Grandiflora Mix’, Cornflowers ‘Blue Ball’,Cleome ‘Violet Queen’, Cosmos ‘Purity’, Cosmos ‘Sensation’, Godetia. ‘Double Crown Mix’, Gypsophilia. ‘Covent Garden’, Helianthus. ‘Earthwalker’,Larkspur Giant Imperials ‘Crown Blend Mix’, Lupin ‘Sunrise’, Aster ‘Ostrich Plumes’, Nicotinana ‘Lime Green’, Nigella. Love in the mist ‘Persian Jewels’, Ricinus, Scabiosa. Pin Cushion Flower Tall Crown Mix. Then I added a pack each of Sweet Pea Beaujolais and Sweet Pea Purfumed Delight as I just couldn't resist.

Higgledy Garden's customer service is second to none. Their blog is crammed full of useful information and tips so you feel you have someone to 'hold your hand' along the way.

It's all very exciting. Roll on Spring; I can't wait to get started!

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