10 March 2012

What a month! I know we're only just over a week into it, but it has been eventful. I think everyone in the house has been ill with a bug, cold and / or cough plus I had to have a small op at the hospital (unconnected to the illnesses) and then, if that wasn't enough to manage into everyday life, I became 40.

So now does it feel to be 40? Well it's an odd one, becoming forty. I wasn't comfortable about it at all. It still sounds silly, quite ridiculous in fact, but I'm kind of pushing to the back of my mind telling myself I'm not actually that bothered by it anymore. 

My birthday itself was lovely. I was completely blown away (and still am) by the beautiful present my family bought me. David organised a collective of my very favourite people; my parents, my brother, his wife and my niece and my brother-in-law and together with David they all chipped in to buy me a Kitchen Aid. It's a gift that couldn't be more me. I absolutely love it. As a non-driver and a (albeit amateur) baker, the Kitchen Aid is my Porsche.

On Saturday evening, despite feeling not too well, I went out for some birthday drinks with a crowd of much loved friends. It was a lovely evening and the good company certainly took the edge off being 40. In true 'Louise' style, I made some little parting gifts for the evening: Lemon & Thyme Shortbread packaged in some bags that I made using some greaseproof paper and my sewing machine. It was whilst sewing these bags that David looked on hopelessly and declared that he believed me to have a disorder. But hey, everyone loved them and they all enjoyed the very first recipe made with my beautiful sexy Kitchen Aid. Lucky people.

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  1. happy birthday! and welcome back - you've been missed. x