24 March 2012

Any parents of babies who are reading this; here's a word of warning. They grow up quick, really quick. Yes, on one hand I can barely remember my life before Lily; life before children is just a distance hazy memory that seems so far removed from life now with two young children. Yet on the other hand ... seven years? Where did they go?

It's really special that Lily's birthday is on a Saturday. Surely that is the best day to become seven on! It's also the first year she has decided not to have a party (much to my relief) and requested to have fun day with Arthur, David and myself.

So what's a fun day to a seven year old? Well it's simply a morning at the bowling complex followed by lunch at Carluccio's who according to Lily do the BEST pesto pasta. Easy. In fact, I've even been looking forward to it.

She's never been bowling before, so was excited: she was pretty good at it too. Unbeknown to her we invited her Uncle Tim and Aunty Lesley to come along too, which thrilled her no end. Having had our fill of pesto pasta, we back home for a cup of tea and some birthday cake. Happy Days.

Happy Birthday Lily Biba. xxxx

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