Two Cakes

3 April 2012

The email account that I use for images has been temporarily out of order. Apparently an attempt was made to hack into it. The upshot is that I've not been able to post anything for the last week. So now, with the email account resumed I'm playing catch up.

It was Lily's birthday some ten days ago now, so I wondered if this post is still really relevant ... but hey, why not. It's a shame to let good cake go to waste.

I made Lily two cakes this year. The first was for her 'actual' birthday; a triple-layer dark chocolate cake filled and covered with a white chocolate ganache. The second cake was for for Lily to take into school for her class and teachers on her birthday-eve. This was a lemon and poppy seed cake with cream cheese frosting. Needless to say everyone in year two enjoyed morning snack on that day. 

That evening, Lily read her school story book to me. She does this a few times a week in addition to reading it in class with the teacher. Afterwards we have to write a line or two in her accompanying 'comment book'. As I opened her book to write my line in, I saw that she had been reading the book that morning with her teacher. The teachers comment read as so: 'good reading and fantastic cake!'.

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