3 April 2012

Kids artwork. What to do with it? It would be impossible to keep it all as it multiplies on a daily basis, but I do get a tiny pang of guilt when I sneak drawings and scribbles into the recycling bin. Homemade cards and such like I keep in a special box. They're forever. But I do really love some of their creations and every now and then I decide to keep them just because I like them. I display them amongst my favourite photographs, vases, ceramics or mix them in with other 'grown up' pictures that hang on my walls. They are now part of our home; items that we see every day. From the pretty paper chain that Lily made for Arthur's birthday party last year which now hangs on the pussy willow branches in my bedroom and the owl she made out of clay that sits with my Marimekko ceramics to the bright abstract print that Arthur did at playschool that has pride of place in my kitchen, they all make me smile inside and out. And that, after all is what a good piece of art should do.

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  1. Hi Louise,
    Just stumbled upon your blog
    Your recipes look delicious!

    xx Tegan