The Boy Who Wanted To Ride On A Pig

26 June 2012

Last week Arthur and I spent the morning at Blackberry Farm. It was an organised trip with his pre-school; the first he'd ever been on. I asked him prior to arriving at the farm what he'd like to do when we got there: as well as animals the farm has a brilliant outdoor play area. His answer was that he firstly wanted to eat his packed lunch (it was only 10am) and secondly that he would like to ride on a pig.

He graciously excepted that he couldn't, on this occasion, ride on a pig and happily settled on riding a rather sweet pony. In fact he worked his way round all the animals; feeding goats, holding guinea pigs and mice and befriending the farmyard cats. Then he focused his energy on making the most of the play area with its huge slides, trampolines and adventure playground.

You see that brightly-coloured dome-like structure? Well that was called 'the giant pillow' ... and the best thing about it? Grown-ups were allowed to bounce on it too!

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  1. We have a trampoline like that close to where we live, it is so much fun!