Tynemouth Part One: The Jubilee

8 June 2012

Outside the wind has been howling and the rain beating against the window. It must be half term! However, I'm not too bothered about cabin fever as we had a great start to the week visiting my brother and his family in Tynemouth. It's fair to say that the weather was fresh, but the sun shone for most of it. 

Our four day trip coincided with the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend. None of us had really planned anything 'Jubilee' specific, but with Lily, Arthur and their cousin Scarlett singing endless rounds of 'God Save The Queen' we quickly pulled out all the stops with a tin of M&S Jubilee Shortbread (very tasty) and some plastic red, white and blue bunting strung up outside the house. Both worked a treat and got us all in the mood. On the Monday morning we headed to Tynemouth Station to join in their Jubilee celebrations.

As free events go, it was pretty good and the kids enjoyed it. The hub of the celebrations were laid on by Dear Lido, a touring dance theatre company. Alice In Wonderland characters roamed the market  stopping to ask children to help them paint the roses on their rose tree. I can only assume that that happens in the story: I can't remember. There were craft tables where all ages were encouraged to sit down and make regal keepsakes to take home such as diy bunting and design-your-own jubilee tea-towels. There was tea and cake too and the opportunity to have your hair and makeup done 1953 style. I was tempted with the hair and makeup, but decided to give it a miss. 

Lily and Scarlett however, had no hesitation. Whilst I spent much of the day looking a little wind swept, the two girls looked very much the part with their sophisticated coiffures which remained intact until bedtime.

To top it all, when we put on the television to see the local news that evening, who should be starring in the footage? Non other than our two girls. That was the cherry on the cake for them!

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