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31 July 2012

I've kind of fallen out-of-love with our allotment. It happens every now and then. It's a rocky relationship at the best of times. It demands so much time and being someone who likes stuff in order, it frustrates me that I can't keep on top of it all of the time. I know I'm being unrealistic and must cut myself a bit of gardening slack, but that is how it is with me.

I wrote post earlier this year, full of enthusiasm about my big plans to grow cut flowers down the allotment. Well it started off pretty good, but then the rain came and stayed (and stayed some more) preventing me from having as much time down the plot as I would have wanted or needed. I do, however have a very modest (unkempt) cut flower patch from some of the seeds I sowed back in the early spring. The picture above shows a few vases of them. I won't be having a 'glut' and my local florist won't lose my custom, but I'm enjoying them all the same and it hasn't completely dampen my enthusiasm to try and grow more next year. I am, however, hoping that Mr G will keep to his word and build me a cold frame on our balcony in time for next years sowing, so those seedlings can be kept warm and dry and have half a chance whatever the weather brings.

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