My Parents: Style Icons

12 July 2012

Look at these two hip young things. Who are they? A cool 60's photographer and his muse? No, it my mum and dad.

I love these pictures that were taken in a photobooth during their courtship in the mid 60's. They have so many great black and white photo's from back then and I love looking at them seeing them as people other than my parents. They were an effortlessly beautiful and stylish couple who shopped at Biba and saw the Rolling Stones play in a local pub. I wish I had been their age back then; I was born in the wrong era.

Photo's from my carefree days don't have a spot on my parents. David and I have a few photo albums from when we were of a similar age, but I cringe looking at them, even now some twenty years on. The late 80's / early 90's wasn't a stylish time really, it has to be said. Nowadays it's all camera phones and photo's on memory sticks. One day I will spend sometime making up my own photo albums; who knows the kid's might enjoy looking at them one day and see them in a different light to me.

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