14 August 2012

You see these little creatures here; they are Moshi Monster figures (aka. plastic toot). To my children they are the toy du jour; to me they are just plain old-fashioned bribery.

I know that bribing children is a no no. I don't applaud it, but with the current combination of pressing work deadlines, no childcare and the school summer holidays I have to confess to stooping to this ugly low level.

I've written posts on this blog in the past on the difficulties of running your own business (at our busiest time of year) during the school holidays. Year on year it doesn't get any easier. Like a typhoon on the horizon heading our way, there is nothing we can do other than brace ourselves and ride through it as best as we can. Every summer, we say never again. The mention of paid childcare get thrown around but I bat it away immediately: we managed without childcare for the last seven years, so I'm not going to give in now. Arthur will start school next September and that, I hope, should make work life much easier.

So this week, the children are having to entertain themselves somewhat and probably watching more television than I would ideally like them to, but I've found one of those little Moshi Monster figures is worth a morning of 'leaving mummy alone in the kitchen to work on the computer'.

My guilt is somewhat lighted by the knowledge that we are going on holiday very soon to a place with no internet connection and possibly no phone signal. Then the children can have me and their dad 100%. But a promise of a Moshi and an afternoon trip to the park in exchange for a few hours work-time is going to have to do for now.

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