Holiday Time Is Here

17 August 2012

I'm going to be pressing the pause button on the blog; just for a couple of weeks. We're off on our summer holiday.

For the first time since having kids, we are travelling abroad. I don't know why, but since the kids we've got into the habit of holidaying here in the UK. But this year we fancied a change, so we are off to Charilla, Alcala la Real in Spain. 

Charilla is a small village where most of the locals work the olives and the rhythm of the day is laid back and quiet. I'm really looking forward the change of pace and scenery. We're flying to Madrid (so much cheaper and better flight times) so have a bit of a car journey ahead before we get to our retreat, but somehow I think it will be worth it. On the way back we will stop off for a few days in Madrid. After all, to just pass through it would be a missed opportunity.

The kids are SO excited, you wouldn't believe it. To them it is a huge adventure. Lily, spends a lot of time with her head in her atlas, so to travel to another country is a really big thing for her. She keeps on asking me to talk her through the journey; the airport, the flight, the four hour car journey. She is so thrilled by every detail. Arthur on the other hand has less of a grasp on what is to come. But he too is excited because he reckons he won't be taking a plane to Spain, but a rocket!

I'm sure that while away, I will gather many photographs and experiences that I will be sharing on this blog on my return. 

But until then, I'm off to catch some sun, spend some quality time with my gorgeous family, discover new places and slow down a little ...

Image via Bohemian Blues blog

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