A Birthday Picnic

21 May 2013

On Saturday we threw a small 'Birthday Picnic' for Arthur and some of his friends and their parents. I still can't believe how lucky we were with the weather. Despite a less than positive forecast it stayed dry and the sun even made a couple of appearances. 

We headed to our 'local woods' at Three Corner Cospe for our picnic. Arthur loves the outdoors and is as happy as a clam when collecting sticks, leaves and pine cones. In fact he has a real stick obsession going on at the moment: every time we go out he returns with a stick or small bundle of twigs gripped tightly in his hands. We have quite a pile of them in our back yard now. He's reckoning on building a house with them apparently. So, with sticks in mind I worked on an outdoor woodland theme for the party.

I made little individual toadstool lunch boxes for the kids and filled them with some lunchtime goodies and made pasties for the adults. After lunch the kids did leaf hunts, rolled down the grassy slopes and collected sticks. I supplied each partygoer with a knapsack containing an i-spy nature book (so timeless!), a magnifying glass, twig pencil, sweets and bubbles. The kids had a great time and the adults all did too, which isn't always the case with kids parties. I expect the pasties played a part in that and the fact that the rain stayed away for the afternoon.

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