A Open Sandwich

27 June 2013

Earlier this week, I made this open sandwich for lunch. I bought the flatbreads on a whim and just topped one with what was lying around in the fridge. This unplanned meal turned out to be a very pleasant one. It's too simple to be classed as a recipe; but if you were wondering ...

A left over courgette and red pepper were roasted in a little olive oil with lemon zest and thyme. Onto the flatbread I piled a generous handful of mixed salad and baby spinach leaves. Then went on the still-warm roasted vegetables. I halved some red grapes and added those along with a lonely piece of feta. A dollop of hummus dusted with paprika was placed in one corner. Mint leaves from the balcony followed with some pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds. Finally, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and splash of balsamic vinegar. 

It's not quite a sandwich and not quite a salad. It's as quick as a flash to make and healthy to boot. The start of a new lunchtime staple.

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