Banana Granola

12 July 2013

Have you ever made your own Muesli or Granola? It is well worth the effort; though actually there is very little effort involved. I love the fact that you can tailor the ingredients to suit your taste and you know exactly what you are putting into it. Earlier this week I had an urge to fill a Kilner jar with something wholesome and delicious to start the day with. So I did.

These days as well as dipping into my growing library of cookbooks for inspiration, I find myself looking at some of the amazing food blogs that are out there. Green Kitchen Stories, Pastry Affair, What Katie Ate, My Darling Lemon Thyme and Pratos Travessa are just a few that I follow with a passion.

It was Green Kitchen Stories that I turned to for this recipe. I didn't tweak or tamper with it in any way or form. It was a Lily that needed no guilding. In a mere half an hour you can have yourself a jar of this good stuff that will last you a week or more. You can find the recipe here. I like it served with plain yoghurt and fresh berries, Arthur opts for yoghurt and raisins and Lily prefers just plain old milk. David on the other hand sticks to his usual bowl of branflakes. Oh well, that's his loss.

Photography: Buttercup Days

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