Festive Chocolate & Cranberry Buns

19 December 2013

These little beauties are the Chocolate & Cranberry Buns I made and took to the after-school mulled wine & cake sale yesterday. I would normally opt to bake a sponge type cake, but I really want to broaden my culinary repertoire with more bready-bakes. It is something I am going to strive to spend some time doing in 2014 - bake bread, buns and pastries. I think it's a bit of an art, and I do find baking with yeast a little daunting. I remember talking to my local baker, saying how I'd love to be able to make a decent loaf and he told me it just takes practice - lots of it. Perfecting a satisfactory loaf seems a great post Christmas pastime. I shall put it on my January 'to do' list.

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