Pinterest Inspiration: Citrus Bakes

24 January 2014

On days when I need a little inspiration in the kitchen, I find myself more and more turning to Pinterest.

My love and regular use of Pinterest has led me to discover some great recipes and inspirational food bloggers. You can check out my boards and the recipes that I have collected here (they aren't all food related). 

I have my collection of cookbooks and will always flick through them when time allows and I do cook from them. I did, until recently, have a hefty number of cookery magazines; some of which dated back almost twenty years. I found I didn't really use the older ones as many of the recipes now seem quite faddy and of-their-time and I guess my style and taste has changed. Many of those recipes are dear to me, such as the menu I took from one magazine to have recreated for our wedding reception and celebration cakes I made for the children's birthdays. In he end I compromised with myself and tore out all the recipes I didn't want to part with and now have a little box full of those tear-outs and space on my kitchen shelf. 

I am going to bake a cake for the weekend and I am really drawn to making the most of all the oranges in the shops at the moment. Above is my starting point: inspirational bakes from Pinterest to set the taste buds going. Which one would you like a slice of?

Images from top, left to right:

Glazed Grapefruit Bundt Cake - Le Baker Chick | Honey, Orange & Hazelnut Cake - Pratos e Travessas | Dark Chocolate Orange Tarts with Orange Scented Sable - Hint of Vanilla | Grapefruit Curd Stuffed Doughnuts - Blogging Over Thyme | Pistachio Orange & Dark Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls -  Joy The Baker | Orange Chocolate Tart - Happyolks

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