Five-year-olds are actually very easy to please.

24 February 2011

We're are currently hurtling through the half-term holidays. It's been good, all considered. It's been a balancing act of doing all the boring everyday things that don't stop for school holidays and keeping children happy and entertained. I think I have achieved that.

Today, Lily's friend Tabby came for lunch and a play. They loved each others company. They raced around, talking at the rate of knots. Over lunch they discussed their favourite princesses and wobbly teeth, but the rest of the time they played and lived in make believe worlds that five year-old girls comfortably exist in.

Until today, this week's weather had been unkind; cold wet and grey. Despite this I've made a point to do something each day with Lily in mind. Here's our list of 'fun' things we've enjoyed so far 
this week ....

* A trip to the library stopping en route at the sweet shop for Jelly Fried Eggs and White Chocolate    Jazzies. 
* Ice-cream on the beach (too cold for me to eat ice-cream, but it didn't stop the kids).
* A couple of play-dates.
* Tea and Jammie-Dodgers at a friends house.
* Toasted Crumpets.
* Hot Chocolate at home after getting soaked in the rain.
* Made Mini-Banana Muffins (and ate them)
* Visited the park 
* Beach walks
* Played Snakes and Ladders
* Dressing up
* Planned a Birthday Party

.... and there is still a day and a weekend to go before it's time for 'back to school'.

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