A new smile ...

26 February 2011

Today was a big day for Miss Lily Biba Gorrod - she finally lost her first ever wobbly tooth! She has been wishing for this day for a good few months, and now it has arrived she is overwhelmed with happiness.

She has another two wobbly teeth that she can now get to work on. She excitedly shows me how much they wobble every day and if I promise to be gentle she lets me have a go too.

Within a few months she will have a completely different smile - a 'gappy grin'. She'll look just as beautiful as ever, but it is a sign that my little girl is growing up, which as every mum knows is a bittersweet emotion.

As I write this post Lily is wrapping her tooth in tissue and taking it up to bed to place under her pillow in hope that the tooth fairy will pay her a visit tonight. I have a good feeling that she will.

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