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19 February 2011

It's difficult to classify Buttercup Days - it's a blog that documents all that makes me tick in the time of life I now find myself in. It’s about parenting and about self. It’s about my love for nostalgia, occasion, beautiful things and more.

Buttercup Days touches on the everyday wonders of childhood as seen through my eyes as a mother. It’s also randomly punctuated with my own treasured childhood memories; those that I want to recreate for my own children. As my children grow at the rate of knots before me, it’s an everyday reminder of how precious, innocence, and short childhood is.

Buttercup Days will chronicle various matters of which I have made this list:
Baking, Bedtime Stories, Buttercups, Cakes, Craft, Creativity, Daisy Chains, Day Trips, Design, Family, Friends, Happy Acquisitions, Holidays, Home, Homemade, Ice Cream, Inspiration, Life, Memories, My Children, Nature, Occasions, Parenting, Parties, Recipes, Seaside, The Nineteen-Seventies to name but a few.


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