Here's Four I made Earlier

18 August 2011

Well, I actually made them last week. I had a sudden creative moment when sorting through my collection of scrap fabrics. Cats are very much the rage with my kids at the moment, so cats I made.  I have noticed that a little bit of sowing machine action gets me a few brownie points from Lily and Arthur, which can be nice. My starting point and inspiration for the cats was a gorgeous fabric cat by Jane Foster that Lily gave me the other Christmas. I used the shape as a template for a simple paper pattern. Then I just paired up some patterned fabrics and used felt and embroidery thread for the detailing. Arthur is now the proud owner of the blue cat, which he named 'Blue Cat' and Lily was naturally drawn to the pink and orange cat, which she named 'Pinkie'. Very original names don't you think? The remaining two are gifts in waiting for a couple of special little people. They will for now remain nameless so not to spoil any surprise. But I know that they will be warmly received and loved which makes the little effort involved well worth while.

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