Tea, Cake & Aunties

15 August 2011

We've had a lovely start to the week. Lily and Arthur's three great Aunties (two official, one very much adopted) came to spend the day with us. We drank lots of tea, ate cake, looked at some old family photo's they'd bought along to show the kids, and had ice cream on the beach. They showered the kids with gifts - properly spoilt them. It makes my head spin, but to be fair they're not spoilt very often and I guess it's the job of great aunties to do just that - who am I to interfere?

Having such fun, we forgot to take any photo's, other than one of the cake moments before we cut into it. In case you're interested it was a victoria sponge filled with homemade plum jam and fresh cream; the perfect cake for visiting Aunties don't you think?

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