Buttercup Days Boutique

1 August 2011

The Buttercup Days Boutique has opened it's doors, well sort of. It's all the vogue now to do craft, but I have always been a maker of things. It's nice to be in fashion once in a while. Since having children I've been making all the more; toys, clothes and party bits and pieces. Many friend's see things that I've made and responded with 'oooh, you should sell those'. So now I am.

First up is my miniature bunting for cakes made from my collection of vintage and patterned fabrics. I first made one for Lily's birthday cake earlier in the year and the result was more than satisfactory. Once made, the bunting transformed my simple homemade chocolate cake into a party centrepiece in no time. I showed the results to Sweet Boutique, a lovely little retro sweet shop near to me that sell a range of children's party bits n' bob's and they said that they would happily stock some of the bunting and see how it goes. So I've been busy with bunting lately and this week I dropped off my first order.

Time will tell if they appeal. But in the meantime I have a list of local shops and online retailers to contact to see if they too would like to stock my cake bunting and of course I'm developing a Buttercup Days Boutique page for the blog through which I will sell direct. I'm working on a PR plan too (if I can't do that bit then something is wrong!). It all looks very good on paper. The only thing left to figure out is where the time will come from to make any orders that may result from all of this. But I figure I'll just work that out if and when the time comes. Watch this space ....

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