Make Hay While the Sun Shines

5 August 2011

Well, another weekend is upon us. When school broke up and six long weeks lay ahead, I was slightly filled with fear, but I'm now amazed how quickly the weeks are flying by. Maybe I was still envisaging the summer holidays through a child's eyes when they lasted forever and Sunday's felt like a 48 hour day. But now the months and years seem to whizz by and they get all the faster with age.


One morning earlier this week, we had nothing planned. The day was shaping up with the prospect of  a long list of household chores and a grocery shop. But it was such a hot and sunny morning, it seemed a shame to waste it. So all the mundane stuff was put on hold until the afternoon and I headed out with Lily and Arthur.

That morning we stayed local heading up the road to Brighton, but we did stuff we hadn't done before;  stuff on the tourist circuit. We started with a trip on the Volks Railway, (a first for us all) followed by a ride on the carousel at Brighton beach (a first for Arthur). Then we had chips on the beach before walking home along the front (well, we needed to work off those chips). Such a perfect morning; a grabbed opportunity. Now the summer is here, Brighton beach takes on a completely different guise. It's so busy, lively and in places rather brash. It's fun to dip your toe in when it is like that; play at being the tourist rather than a local. It's like taking a mini holiday for a few hours and reminding yourself that it actually is summer after all. Sometimes the mundane stuff just has step aside for a while.


  1. Lovely photos. Very jealous of chips on Brighton beach. Sounds like the perfect day. :)

  2. I just love heading into Brighton early and leaving before it gets really busy. It's much more relaxing with the kids when it's not full of crowds and queues. Thanks for your comment - most appricated. Hope you like the blog.