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7 June 2011

I bought Arthur a new book this week with some of the money he got for his birthday. He is really getting into books now. Lily is a right old bookworm, so maybe he will be too. Having children gives me the perfect excuse to dip into the wonderful world of picture books - there are some beautiful ones out there. This latest purchase has not disappointed either Arthur or myself. ABC at the Circus by Patrick Hruby is packed full of stunning illustrations that really strike a cord with me. I love the graphicness of them, the rainbow colours and the retro feel. The illustrations would work for me framed on the wall. Since having this book in our home I have done a little research and found that this illustrator has a blog (well, lets face it who hasn't!) and a website and that has furthered my passion for his work. This book will become well-loved in our family and when Arthur has outgrown it, it will be boxed up and put into the loft for any future grandchildren to enjoy.

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