16 June 2011

Arthur is developing a strong character which is lovely; except when it comes to food. He has a pretty good appetite and will eat most things if the mood takes him. But he will turn up his nose when it comes to being offered fruit and vegetables in their natural unpureed forms. It can be challenging at times. He's not about to have any dietary issues as he will eat soup and fruit purees, plus I can whizz up all manner of vegetables to hide in pasta sauces. It's more a battle of wills.

One of Arthur's favourite foods is ice cream, so I decided to make up some super fruity smoothies and disguise them as this friendly food. Did he fall for it? Hook, line and sinker .... he did. It's a win/win situation.

Berry & Banana Lollies

Using a blender or blender stick, whizz together a chopped banana, 100g of berries (such as strawberries and blueberries) with 125g of natural yoghurt and 100ml of milk. Pour into lolly mould and lolly sticks and freeze. Makes 6 lollies.

Cranberry & Mango Lollies

Make as above, but this time using one chopped ripe mango, 250ml of cranberry juice and 125g of natural yoghurt.

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