Daddy the Superstar ...

19 June 2011

Lily has been building Father's Day up for a while now. Planning her little surprises and giving David a daily countdown to his 'big day'. Goodness knows what he is expecting!

This morning Lily made daddy breakfast-in-bed. She also showered him with homemade artwork, vanilla and white chocolate cookies made with her own fair hands and a pack of Arsenal Top Trump cards. It's their latest father & daughter thing Top Trumps. Arthur, being barely two, is playing it safe with a card made at playgroup and a voucher for one of daddy's favourite record shops. Arthur seems a little baffled with the concept of Father's Day. He just walking round the house saying 'Daddy Berfday!"

David is a brilliant dad - Lily and Arthur are really lucky. He has always been very hands on even though he works such crazy hours. I'd say that he's probably more of a 'relaxed' parent than I am.
He's fun - he'll respond to their requests to be swung upside down or a trip to the park when the weather is too cold / wet / windy for me.

Lily came home from school earlier this week with some very exciting news that she'd learnt in RE . She explained to me that they were learning about different kinds of religions.

Lily (very excitedly): Mummy, you won't believe this but there is a star that's got the same name as MY DADDY, really there is!

Me: Oh, what's that then?

Lily (fit to burst with her amazing news): It's called 'STAR OF DAVE'!

Me: Really?

Lily: (stopping to think), Well, it was something like that ... it's what daddy is called.

Me: Maybe you mean 'Star of David'?

Lily: (Excitement ressumed): Yes, yes ... that was it! How good is it that that star has the same name as MY DADDY!'

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