Everyday is like Sunday

2 June 2011

The blog posts have been a little slow of late due to half term stealing any free moments I might usually be able to eek out of a day. So here is another 'photo' heavy post, which I hope still as enjoyable as the more usual 'wordy' ones.

These are from a selection of photo's I took whilst at my parents house in the Isle of the Wight the other weekend. It's my photographic illustration of the small but perfectly formed village they live in. It's called Niton and consists of a charming post office that also serves cream teas, a pub, a grocery shop that stocks a good example of local produce, a general store that sells a variety of bits you might need from books to begonia plants, a primary school and a library run by villagers (they took charge after the council tried to close it down). Its houses have names rather than numbers. It's big on community and stunning views. 

It used to be to the little village that we would come every other year on holiday, so it is very familiar to me. Not much has changed - it has almost stood still in time. Visiting there now I can't help but notice how quite it is. It's probably the sharp contrast to living in a city and the fast paced life we have. If I walk five minutes from my front door at anytime, I can tell you what day it is and roughly the time by the activity going on around me. But in Niton it is always quite and never busy. Everyday feels like how Sunday's used to be. I love the vibrancy of the city I live in, but it's great for us to have this place to come to for a recharge every now and then. It allows us to have the very best of both worlds.

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