Thank You For The Music

21 June 2011

Just a short post, but one I wanted to share as it will no doubt make you smile. You may have seen my Father's Day post last weekend titled Daddy The Superstar. Well, here is a peak behind the scenes, aka Lily's creative thought process.

Me: Any ideas of want you want to make daddy for Father's Day?

Lily: Mmm, well what does daddy really really like? 

Lily (after some consideration): I know, his records. His 'Sun' record, because he has that picture on his t-shirt too.

And from that seed came this artwork (it's the framed one, if you were unsure), which daddy was rather chuffed with. We also conducted a photoshoot with a similar theme, images from which made the Father's Day card.

It can be very rock n' roll in our house at times!

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