A Tune for Tuesday: Mr Blue Sky

21 June 2011

Now I'm generally not one for 'lame' cover versions, it has to be said. By that I mean when an artist sings the song of another artist in much the same way as the original artist had. That is a cop out. 

But sometimes, an artist will take a song and reinvent it. Done well, it's acceptable. It's shows creativity.

One of my favourite songs ever has to be Mr Blue Sky by E.L.O. Now a few weeks back I heard a cover version of this song on the radio. It took me a while to 'name that tune' so to speak; I knew the words, but the tempo was all wrong. I think I liked it though. Then, the radio DJ told me that this cover version was by an artist called Jim Bob. No, surely not the Jim Bob who fronted the late eighties / early nineties band Cater The Unstoppable Sex Machine? I'd seen them live a fair few times. Looking back now that band makes me cringe, but hats off to Jim Bob for moving on and coming up with this. Give it a listen ...

Rather beautiful isn't it. But make no mistake, it does touch the original in any way or from, so if that rendition has given you an E.L.O. ear worm, below is the original in all its glory. Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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