Coming up for air ...

21 April 2011

We're in the second week of the school Easter holidays. School holidays, unseasonably warm weather and blogging don't mix, well not for me anyhow. Hence the lengthy gap since my last post. With two children to entertain full-time at the moment, any spare blogging time has been snatched away. It's been fun mind. Mother Nature seems to have pressed the 'fast-forward' button and transported us into July and we've embraced every minute of it.

We seem to of adopted a temporary new routine. Every morning this week Lily has been going to the local pool to do an intensive 'learn-to-swim' club with her friend and life-long companion Misty. They have both taken to it like ducks to water which is a huge achievement for them both - a joy to see. It's a proper 'no parents in the pool' type class, so Misty's mum Jess and I have taken it in turns to take them. Whoever doesn't take the girls has the boys Arthur and Misty's brother Sollie. Everyday so far we've taken the boys to the beach and enjoyed the fresh air.

After swimming we all reconvene on the beach and hang out until lunchtime. Happy Days. By then Arthur is totally in need of his daily nap, so we head back home so he can get his well deserved shut eye. Lily and I then spend a few hours together playing and (for my part) doing chores at home and after tea, we might head back down to the beach and meet daddy after work. It's a nice pace - a break from the usual frantic daily schedule we put ourselves through. It's like coming up for air, but it won't be long before we're back to the school runs, playgroups and tightly-scheduled toddler naps. This provisional daily routine is certainly something we could all get used to given the chance.

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