Lazy Mornings ...

25 April 2011

Do you know one of the best things about this long weekend? Not being a slave to the clock. Our daily routine is usually governed by time - it's quite regimental (scarily so at times). But these last four days with no school and no work, we've been able to take things at a slower pace. Last week as the long weekend drew nearer and people spoke of plans about 'getting away', I had a mild rush of panic having organised absolutely nothing. But I need not have worried as we've just woken each day and seen where the day has taken us according to our mood and the weather.

Lily and Arthur still wake at the crack-of-dawn. They bolt down their cereal and then play in the living room and watch TV whilst we breakfast 'before' getting dressed, and maybe have a second cup of coffee or a slice of toast after our cereal; there is no rush so we can indulge a little in a sloth-like fashion. Once showered we prepare our kit (sun lotion, nappies, wipes, snack, water etc) for the morning ahead. At this point it is unlikely to have yet reached 9 o'clock. The flip side of early-rising children is that you can get out-and-about early and make the most of the sunny day ahead.

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