A Tune for Tuesday No. 4

12 April 2011

With the unseasonably warm and sunny weather we've had of late, I felt the need to post a 'sunny' tune this week.

I've settled upon my choice. Why this song? Firstly it's a simple, happy, sunny melody. Secondly it has been categorised in my head. You see, I've had a 'book in my head' for some time now. In my head it will probably forever stay. I've yet to put pen to paper or get much beyond it's sketchy setting and vague cast of character's. But I have however decided that this tune would be the song that would play to open the first scene should my unwritten book ever be made into a film. Crazy I know.

Anyway, this week our songstress is a name that nowadays is more commonly associated with rather poor light entertainment shows. But cast those thoughts from your mind. Back when this song was a hit, this young lady was hanging out with The Beatles and wearing Biba and Mary Quant .... very credible you might agree.

So without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Miss Cilla Black ....

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