Sunny Mornings & Little Green Fingers ...

6 April 2011

There has not been much blogging action so far this week. That is because with the sun finally coming out, I’ve been spending any spare moments down our allotment. It’s difficult to blog with muddy fingers.
I’m a bit of a fair-weather gardener and this week I’ve found myself wanting to go down to the plot and ‘do a bit of work’. I’ve had an enthusiastic and willing helper this week; Arthur.

This is his first ‘season’ in which he can actually get involved. Last summer he wasn’t even walking and generally allotments (or at least our slightly wild plot) isn’t very friendly to crawling babies, so now that he is up on his trotters there is a full ten rods for him to explore.

We’ve been down two mornings this week. It’s a tight schedule as I have to get down there early enough to get some work done but get back home for his late morning nap. Arthur generously gives me a two hour window, so long as I provide an array of snacks for him. There is lots to take in order to keep him occupied; wellies, full waterproofs, breadsticks, sandwiches, bananas and the odd biscuit. Plus water, milk, tissues, nappies, wipes and various toys. It is like packing for a fortnights holiday But once we are down the plot with wellies on it seems worth it. So far this week we’ve got our new potatoes in the ground, carrots  and spinach sown and we’ve planted a rose bush. I see us having many happy times ahead on our plot while the sun shines.

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