That holiday feeling ...

25 April 2011

Apparently today was the last unseasonably hot day. Tomorrow and the week ahead is suppose to be a little cooler as it ought to be in April. I hope the weather forecasters are wrong. But we can't complain. What a treat it was to get such amazing weather not just in April, but during the four day Easter break.

We went into Brighton for dinner yesterday and decided to take the twenty-five minute or so stroll home along the promenade. There was a glorious setting sun and a low buzz of chat and laughter from people eeking out the last of the day on the beach before heading home. People were happy, if a little sunburnt. It certainly gave me that holiday feeling, even though I was just up the road from my front door. I love this coastal city that is my home. It's been so for almost six years now, but sometimes I still have to pinch myself.

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