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22 April 2011

This Easter school holiday Lily and Arthur have naturally spent a lot of time together and I've really noticed the strong bond they have. Don't get me wrong they can fight and bicker with the best of them, but I've seen glimpses of the admiration and protection they have for each other which is just the best thing. Lily adores having Arthur as a playmate and loves that fact he will follow most of her instructions without argument. Arthur finds Lily funny and fascinating, copying everything she says and does. I know things won't always be so good. There will be times when they will probably fall out and it will be horrible to witness, but I hope that the unique bond they have now will weather any differences they may have in the future. After all your sibling is the person you're most likely to know for the longest in your lifetime. 

My brother is three and a half years younger than me. We got along well as children and were each others principle playmate. During teenage years it is fair to say that we clashed, but we came together again. He's now lives with his wife and daughter up North, so we don't get together nearly as much as we'd like to, but when we do we have such good times. He really is what you call 'good company'. He is relaxed, intelligent and incredibly funny. I remember times when we were younger and he'd get into all kinds of trouble and I would always find myself defending him to people, which I think in hindsight was a kind of protectiveness. Even now I'd do anything for him because he's my brother - simple.

I hope that what Lily and Arthur have now they will have for keeps. From my experience I believe that they will.

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